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Director onesixone ltd March 2012 – Present - Tauranga Co-founder of onesixone ltd

Onesixone Ltd has developed a prototype ready, software-hardware solution, for the DJ and live entertainment industries.

Onesixone has achieved an agreement with one of New Zealand's leading tech companies, to uniquely integrate our solution with their products.

I am passionate about DJing and creative pursuits. I have extensive experience in the live performance industry and have previously created and managed a number of nightclubs. With extensive DJ experience, a command of product development and strong management insight, I am key a member of Onesixone.

My role as director involves:

  • Developing a start-up company
  • Product feature development
  • Demonstrating a range of skills relating to marketability and product design
  • Developing and implementing user based testing strategies
  • Constructive teamwork

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