Hi my name is Sherilyn and I started co-working at Basestation in September 2015 – just a few months before Basestation celebrated its first birthday! 

My official role is Office Manager for Technologywise Limited, the anchor resident of Basestation. 

My work progressed quite quickly to performing most of the accounting function for Basestation and, more recently, Venture Centre, the organisation that operates Basestation's activities (workshops, events etc.)

Prior to starting at Basestation I had not heard of co-working spaces. It has been exciting to see the space and culture ‘grow’ as we have taken on more residents in the last 18 months. 

I was privileged to be part of the first “NZ Co-working Hui” Venture Centre hosted at Basestation last year where co-working spaces from all around New Zealand met for a weekend to share ideas.

I have witnessed collaboration on many levels at Basestation.  The kitchen has been the central hub for informal chats on how one’s weekend was, what you are having for lunch to where to plan your next holiday: I’ve even been inspired to step up my game and eat more healthy lunches.  Informal advice and information are shared between companies and some of these have turned into more formal partnerships. Having a Chartered Accountant background, even I get asked the odd accounting question!

The length businesses have been operating and industry type varies at Basestation.  From well established companies, to start-ups to a person who use to work from home but got distracted; all have different reasons for being here.  Recently one of our new residents said to me “one of the benefits of working here rather than at home means when I get home now I switch off from work mode and enjoy my family time so much more”.  That work/personal balance is what we all strive for.

Being a coffee connoisseur, it has been a treat to have Folk Expresso Bar at the front of Basestation.  Not only does this add an additional vibe to the space but impromptu guitar sessions also add to the mix.  The highlight for me has been an early morning rap session!   

An accountant always comes back to the numbers and with the impending extension to the first floor it is interesting to compare the office costs of running your own business to renting space at Basestation.  The numbers speak for themselves and definite savings can be made by operating in a co-working space, not to mention the non-monetary benefits of no long-term leases and not dealing with the landlord and other suppliers.  Basestation does all that for you.

I am looking forward to the next phase of Basestation life with the extension to the first floor.  This, along with impending changes in Durham Street in the next few years will mean exciting times ahead for all of us in the Tauranga CBD.

Do you need the figures to stack AND opportunities to grow?

Basestation has desks, one-person offices, small team and large team spaces available and Venture Centre, its operator, delivers entrepreneurial programmes, services and events for residents and the community at large.

Drop in at 148 Durham Street or tell us at time that suits for a chat here