Creative stuff happens in any given shed... and that is before electronics, software, mechatronics get thrown into the mix!

Heard about raspberry pi?
Does IoT mean anything to you?
Know a bit about Scratch but never seen it measure and control real stuff?
Want to see what Minecraft with a Python interface does when applied to electronics?

You many not yourself have a passion for technology, but someone near you (your child?) has or… will have!

You are invited to meet Andrew Hornblow for his ‘Shed Talk’ next Thursday (13th August) at Basestation, 5.30pm.

Andrew specialises in education for electronics, software and mechatronics.

Through several initiatives, including Brightsparks, he has been encouraging youngsters to get their hands dirty and engage with hi-tech, through developing their understanding of how the technology driving our world works .

This 'Shed Talk' won’t be a full hands-on introduction to electronics, rather as a bust of inspiration with a hands on demonstration!

It is chance for you (and your children!*) to discover plenty of funky bits and gadgets without making it a complete show off…

Yet prepare yours mind to be challenged

Sounds like a good way to spend a couple of hours with (or without)your teenager?

Email pascale[at] to let her know you're coming.

(*Intermediate/Secondary age)