Guest Blogging: Build Business & Become The ‘Go-To’ Expert

Let’s face it: as a start-up founder or business owner, building business and establishing a reputation can be hard. Firstly, you’ll need to deal with the fact that because you are a fresh to the market, you are very likely not getting the influx of attention that larger, more established businesses are getting.

You can take many approaches to this: splashing out on a new website, networking at events or ensuring your product stands out from the crowd. But these aren’t the only options available to you!

The name of this magical business elixir?

Guest blogging.

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What your desk says about you

Admit it: you’ve cast a judgemental eye over a colleague’s desk before (never mind what your own looked like). You’re not alone – most people have.

While some will tell you clutter is bad for productivity, studies have shown an untidy desk isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But whether messy or tidy, the state of your office space is a reflection of your personality and your work style.

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Thinking about Office Space? Here's 5 important things to look for.

Ever done the math on how many hours a year you spend at work? For the average 40-hour-week, full-time worker, that’s almost 2000 hours. Two thousand hours.

For many, that time is spent in an office, or at a desk. So we’re interested to know – what do you look for in a workspace?

Maybe you can work anywhere there’s a table, or maybe you need your space to be just right: clean, well-lit, quiet. You’re not alone. These days, it’s actually something of an art form – there are numerous studies on the relationship between business performance and workplace design.

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Caffeine Culture: The Problem with Working From Cafes

Are you familiar with this person? The one seated at the corner table of the cafe, laptop out? Coffee in one hand, cellphone in the other?

Maybe you are that person.

Working in a cafe is a great break from the home office. It has the bustle of a busy office space, only no one’s going to interrupt you to see what you have planned for the weekend. You have wifi access and an endless supply of (hopefully) good coffee.

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List of Tauranga Business Networking Events

As you'll know networking is a great way to tell other people what you do and learn about what other are involved in.

Networking is at the heart of collaboration and we have therefore created a list of events to help you network in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty.

Here’s a list of Tauranga networking events you can attend...

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