How much for what


Pricing (excluding GST)

Your Desk Your Office (single) Your Office (double) Your Team Space Any Desk Any Chair at
Community Table
People 1 1 1-2 3-8 1 1
Term Year Year Year Year Day Day
Base Rate $150/week $250/week $275/week (medium) or $300/week (large) From $750/week    
Daily         $40/day $40/day
Extra Person / Day     $25/day      
Extra Person / Week     $50/week $50/week    
Advance Booking Required            
Access 24/7            
Access 8.30am - 5.00pm            
Desk and Ergonomic Chair            
Locker Subject to availability    
Mail Holding            
Meeting Room         Discounted
Board Room         Discounted
Courtyard (55m2)            
Events Discounted Normal Price