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Tell us a bit about your team and what you do:

WNT Ventures supports and invests in early stage deep tech startups.  Our head office is here at Basestation and we expanded into Auckland and the Coromandel in 2021.

We get excited about innovation and some of our portfolio companies include a smart hair clipper - Hairsense, Mint Innovation – a company recovering precious metals from electronic waste, using a unique bio metallurgical approach, an aerospace company reinventing rocket propulsion Argo Navis with an eye to tackling the space junk problem, and a company that has developed a smart knee brace (using sensors and AI) to support patients and provide surgeons with data to improve patient outcomes – OPUM technologies

What do you like about working at Basestation?

Great events, Shared lunches, amenities, fruit basket, social chats in the kitchen, event spaces, Folk café  - the list is endless.

Where are you most likely to be found hanging out at Basestation?

Sadly hard at work tucked away in our office and the meeting rooms

If you could add a floor to Basestation what would it be?

Workshop / Lab space for tech companies to work at.

And a gym! Lap pool and rooftop cocktail bar


What do you do in your free time?

 TJ – Volleyball & eating

Grace – Hockey, Hiking and craft beer tasting

Carl – Dj -ing in his garage and furniture restoration

Michael -  Football and hanging out with his 5 month old and 5 year old sons

Anna – Uber driver to 2 teenage girls, travel, and landscaping

Let's end this with an interesting fact about you…..

We have a secret wine fridge in our office

Not sure if coworking is for you?

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