Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of use - Applicable to all Licensees and Residents

1. General Use of Basestation

You agree to the following:

  • to maintain Your Space in good, clean condition.
  • not to remove or permit to be removed any fixtures, fittings, furniture, carpets and other effects belonging to, or leased by, Basestation from the Premises.
  • to use the Premises and the services that come with the Premises for the Licensed Use only and not use the Premises for any illegal purposes.
  • not to make any repairs or alterations to the Premises without the written consent of Basestation Management.
  • not to do any act or thing in the Premises which may be a nuisance, or cause damage or annoyance to Basestation or the other licensees at the Premises but subject to the exclusive licence granted in relation to Your Space.
  • to immediately report any damage caused or noticed by you to the Premises or the related fixtures, fittings or chattels.
  • to amicably and peacefully share the use of the facilities at the Premises with Basestation and the other Licensees at the Premises.
  • not to bring pets or bikes into the Premises other than the bike storage facilities provided.
  • outside of standard working hours (08:30-17:00 Monday to Friday), you must take extra care to ensure all access doors to the Premises are locked on arrival and departure.


  • will keep the outside of the Premises in a clean, tidy and good state of repair and provide regular cleaning services throughout the interior of the Premises.

2. Health and Safety

  • You acknowledge you have a responsibility to comply with the provisions of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and undertake to do so.
  • You shall:
    • take all reasonably practicable steps to provide your employees, contractors and invitees/guests with a healthy and safe working environment and ensure that your employees, contractors, invitees and guests comply with all directions and instructions from you regarding health and safety.
    • ensure that your employees, contractors, invitees and guests comply with all directions and instructions from Basestation regarding health and safety at the Premises.

3. Internet/Network Usage

This clause outlines what Basestation is doing to help ensure the availability, integrity and security of its IT environment.

You are required to adhere to Basestation’s Network and Internet usage terms and conditions as follows:

  • Basestation provides ICT equipment and devices for work related activities only. All other use is at the discretion of Basestation Management and subject to our fair use policy.
  • Use of all ICT devices in the workplace must first be approved by the management of Basestation. The use of ICT devices in the workplace or at any work related activity must be appropriate to the environment.
  • When using Basestation ICT at any time in the workplace you must not initiate access to, save, copy, show or print inappropriate, objectionable and /or illegal material. You must not attempt to cause disruption to or gather information from other equipment running or participating in the network, nor allow your equipment to cause any disruption to our network or Internet connection.
  • Basestation ICT must not be used to deliberately facilitate any illegal or inappropriate workplace behaviour. This includes electronic communication that could cause offence to others, harass or harm them, or put staff, colleagues or other licensees at potential risk.
  • It is important that any passwords used are strong and Basestation recommends use of a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols, and a minimum of 10 characters in length. Passwords must be kept confidential and not shared with anyone else. Users should not allow any other person access to any equipment/device logged in under their own user account, unless as part of authorised work.
  • All Basestation ICT equipment/devices should be cared for in a responsible manner.
  • Users must not download, install or connect any software or hardware onto equipment owned by Basestation unless specifically approved.
  • Copyright laws and licensing agreements must be respected at all times. This includes Basestation ICT equipment.
  • You must log all incidents in the ICT Incident Log. If the incident has possible legal ramifications, it must also be immediately reported to Basestation Management.
  • If you allow another person, who has not agreed to these terms and conditions, to use ICT, you are responsible for that use, and may be held responsible for any misuse.

4. Guests

  • You and all of your guests are responsible for your own belongings and actions.
  • Should any act or omission of a guest, contractor and/or invitees of you cause damage, loss or cost to the Premises then that cost will be payable by you.
  • You must accompany any guest, contractor and/or invitees at all times and ensure your guest has signed in at reception before entering the Premises.
  • Guests can join you in any of the shared areas within the Premises, but are not allowed access to any open desk area.

5. Shared Space Bookings

  • Shared spaces include the Reception/Deck, Kitchen, Meeting rooms, Event/Seminar rooms, Courtyard, Locker area and Bike storage.
  • Shared spaces within the Premises must be booked using the online calendar unless otherwise specified.

6. Kitchen

  • The kitchen is to be kept clean and tidy at all times.
  • You are responsible for your own tidying, dishes, dishwasher loading/emptying and leaving the kitchen suitable for the next person to use. This includes use of the kitchen by your staff and/or guests.
  • The kitchen meeting spaces do not require a booking.

7. Meeting Room, Event/Seminar Room(s)

  • The meeting and event/seminar room(s) must be booked prior to use.
  • Please return furniture configurations back to the original configuration when you are finished with the space.
  • Please ensure all electrical equipment is turned off when you leave.

8. Reception/Deck

  • The reception and deck areas are public spaces available to you, Basestation and the general public.
  • A barista may operate from time to time in the reception area. This service will be open to the public.
  • The reception and deck areas do not require a booking.

9. Courtyard

  • The courtyard is a shared space available to you.
  • Please return any equipment and furniture in this space back to its original configuration.
  • The courtyard does not require a booking.

10. Risk & Insurance

  • Your property on the Premises is at your sole risk.
  • It is recommended that you have full insurance cover for your business operation within the Premises.
  • Basestation does not insure any activities or property relating to you.

Terms and Conditions of use - Applicable to Residents only

11. General Use of Basestation

You agree to the following:

  • at the expiry or earlier termination of the Licence Term, return to Basestation Your Space and all furniture and decorations within Your Space in as good a condition as they were at the beginning of the Term, reasonable wear and tear excepted.
  • outside of standard working hours (08:30-17:00 Monday to Friday), you must take extra care to ensure all access doors to the Premises are locked and the alarm system is armed.

12. Health and Safety

You shall:

  • ensure that your employees, contractors, invitees and guests are familiar and comply with Basestation’s health and safety policies, and any modifications to those policies that may be introduced from time to time; and
  • consult with each of your employees and/or contractors from time to time in relation to the hazards represented by the equipment and the work environment both within the Premises.
  • acknowledge that any breach of this term must be immediately remediated or the Licence may be terminated pursuant to clause 12.1(c) of the Licence which states:
    • The Licence shall terminate at the Licensor’s discretion if at any time the Licensee breaches an obligation set out in this Licence (including Appendix A and Basestation terms and conditions of use) and that breach remains unremedied for ten (10) days following written notice from the Licensor of the breach

13. Shared Space Bookings

  • Limits on use may be applied on a pro-rata (based on your fees) if required from time to time at Basestation's sole discretion.
  • A reasonable use policy will apply to all shared spaces in the absence of any applied limits.

14. Lockers, Bike storage

  • Lockers and Bike storage are available on a first-come basis.
  • Lockers are available primarily for those Licensees who do not have personal storage available. (e.g. permanent desk holders).
  • A monthly locker fee may apply, payable in addition to the Licence Fee.

15. Promotion & Signage

  • Basestation will endeavour to provide as many promotional and signage opportunities as possible within the Premises for you.
  • Display opportunities include outdoor building signage, digital displays, wall space and community board.
  • Where space or opportunities are limited, a pro-rata basis will be applied (based on licence fees) or space will be offered on a fee basis.
  • Use of building signage, digital displays and wall space is at the discretion of Basestation.
  • Display of any promotional material is at the discretion of Basestation.
  • Basestation reserves the right to use the promotional and signage spaces for non-licensees.


The following definitions apply:

Basestation ICT equipment is any device connected to the Basestation network or used on the Basestation premises, regardless of ownership, including (but not necessarily limited to) laptops, PCs, mobile devices, wireless devices, network equipment, storage devices, audio-visual equipment, screens, monitors, cameras and printers;

Licence means the right to occupy Your Space granted by Basestation to the Licensee on the terms and conditions contained in the Licence and these Basestation terms and conditions of use;

Licensee includes all staff and/or employees, contractors and/or invitees of the Licensee at the Premises and is referred to as “you” in these terms and conditions;

Licence Fee means the fee payable for the Licence as specified in Appendix A of the license, inclusive of operating expenses;

Licensed Use means the commercial and professional purposes as specified in Appendix A of the licence (generally office admin unless otherwise specified);

Premises means the premises known as "Basestation" and located at 148 Durham Street, Tauranga;

Resident means a company or an individual who has a current licence to occupy Basestation and is referred to as “you” in these terms and conditions;

Room Hire Agreement means the room booking form completed online, together with room hire terms and conditions;

Term means the initial term of the Licence as specified in Appendix A or the Room Hire Agreement;

Your Agreement may be in the form of a Licence or Room Hire Agreement;

Your Space means the area of the Premises defined in Your Agreement with Basestation.