Joining fellow Basestation residents Holly, Laura and Chris, in their choice to commute differently and avoid the traffic is Hans. 

Hans Kraenzlin, owner of Folk Brewers, cycles every day on his E-Bike from the Lakes into the CBD. 

An advocate of the E-Bike, Hans made the switch from driving to cycling and has found that it faster, cheaper and that it has a lesser imprint on the environment.

Hans rides his E-Bike 22km in total each day, completing his commute in 20 minutes. “My average speed is 40km/h. Which means on the way home in traffic, I actually get home 30 minutes faster than if I was driving a car.” 

When asked what steps he had taken to embrace this alternative form of transport, Hans explained, “I sold my car. I got rid of it.” 

“If I have the option of jumping in a car and driving to work, I would probably take that option when it is cold and wet and it’s windy and I’m tired. But if I don’t have the option of driving the car then you just hop on the bike and cycle.”    

For Hans making the lifestyle of cycling work is about being committed and he jokes that you just “forget that cars exist”.


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