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Pride Month: How to create a coworking space that’s LGBTQ+ safe and welcoming Featured

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As it’s Pride Month, it seemed like a good time to share how we aim to create a safe and welcoming space at Basestation for all our residents. We have recently joined the Safe Space Alliance and they provide a helpful range of resources for companies to use.

These including:

  • Creating Safe Space: Quick Reference Guide
    • This quick reference guide covers 10 ways to create a safe space for LGBTQI+ communities. This guide was produced with support from ASOS. Download the PDF version here.
  • Be an Active Ally: Quick Reference Guide
  • Safe Workplaces: Quick Reference Guide 

We strive to make our coworking space a safe and welcoming place for all, but as it is Pride month, we are sharing what we do to ensure our LGBTQ+ residents and customers feel safe and welcome: 



Visibly supportive environment 

One of the things the Safe Space Alliance offers is use of their logo and displaying it around your office. We’ve started to do this and have it displayed on our digital signage on the ground floor and posters around the office. This is a quick and visible way to let our LGBTQ residents and customers know that we support them. It also sets a precedent for everyone else, showing we support diversity, inclusion and belonging. 


The Pride Flag has become a well recognised symbol for the LGBTQ+ community. The design of the flag is credited to Gilbert Baker who designed it in the late 1970s after being commissioned by Harvey Milk, the first openly gay person to hold high public office in a major American city.  Showing the pride flag around the office is important - but creating welcoming spaces goes beyond just Pride Month. 




Self education is also important and thankfully LGBTQ+ content is widely available and easily accessible.  Most mainline screening platforms, such as Netflix, TVNZ and Amazon to name a few, include LGBTQ+ categories and genres in the show search function. Likewise, podcasts, libraries and social media provide a wide range of perspectives, experiences and stories from the Rainbow Community. 


In our June Basestation newsletter to our residents, we will be sharing some of our favourite links to a few of these. 




As well as gender specific bathrooms on our first and ground floor, we have two gender-neutral single occupancy bathrooms in the basement. Not only does this make them a safe space for trans and non-gender folk, but also for parents and guardians with young children of different genders. Something that’s super appreciated when we host events in our Babbage Event Space or Tinkd Makerspace on the same level. 



Be an Ally

If there is ever a call to action for us all - this would be it! Being an ally is a verb, not a noun - it’s something you need to constantly work on and practice. It includes self-education as well as supporting and advocating for your LGBTQ+ work colleagues, friends, whānua and neighbours. It means calling out and questioning homophobic and transphobic opinions and comments. It also means acknowledging if you make a mistake yourself (which you will do - we are only human!). When you do - just acknowledge the error, apologise and move on! 


One of our Basestation team has previously attended Ally Skill NZ training - which we’d highly recommend. Or, if your budget is a little tight, why not watch this FREE youtube video by Frame Shift Consulting. 


At Basestation we are constantly looking to improve the experience for all our residents and customers, we recognise that different people have different experiences. We want to create an inclusive and diverse environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging including for LGBTQ+ employees, residents and customers. 


If you are interested in coworking, office space, or looking for a room hire, why not visit us at 148 Durham Street, Tauranga. We are open from 8:30am - 5pm Monday to Friday and would love to have a kōrero with you about what you need and how we can help.



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