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Basestation Mana Enhancing Understanding Featured

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At the beginning of the year we started asking our residents for feedback - we asked “What’s working and what’s not working.” 

As well as some really lovely feedback (which we will share shortly in our social media), there were some items we were able to action or fix, and some we are still working on. One of the outcomes from doing this was to create a Basestation Mana Enhancing Understanding.


We already have a code of conduct that our residents and customers sign when they rent a space, desk or office from us, but the mana enhancing understanding is more human (less HR and legal jargon). As well as a place where we share our kaupapa at Basestation, it also talks about respect for each other, the space (ie, Basestation) and the planet. The Understanding acts as something we would like everyone coming into our space to abide by. It sets out expectations and how we conduct ourselves. 

You can read the full Basestation mana enhancing understanding below: 


Basestation mana enhancing understanding 

At Basestation we want to create a welcoming, inclusive community-centric environment where our residents feel they can be their authentic selves and thrive. 

Our kaupapa/mission: 

Basestation provides a space to help build communities and relationships to support professional collaboration and personal growth. 

To do this we ask our residents to also follow a mana enhancing agreement to ensure we all contribute to the Basestation kaupapa and values.


Before we get started, it’s important to understand what mana is. 

From the Māori perspective, mana is the spirit/essence of a person or place - it is seen as something that is transmitted or inherited. It is highly respected and honored and actions or intentions can add to it or diminish it. 

Basestation’s mana enhancing agreement asks that we all:

Respect each other

At a human level, we all know what this means to give and receive respect, in other words - be a good human to others. We are not expecting you to be the bubbly, chatty person who always brings cakes or chocolate to the office (if you are that person - great!). If you are a natural born introvert, or perhaps not in a good head space or just having a bad hair day - remember to still honor and respect your own and other people’s manas. 

Respect the space

We all share the space we mahi (work) in, so remember to be mindful of others. If you are about to jump on a hour long zoom call with your colleagues - maybe book a meeting room to use instead of taking the call at your desk. Don’t forget, our flexi (hot) and fixed deskers have two hours FREE meeting room allowance when you book for a full day. 

If you are on calls all day - maybe look at upgrading from a hot desk to a hot office!

When using our shared spaces, please be a tidy kiwi! Leave things as you find them, please tidy up after yourself when using the kitchen, meeting rooms or bathrooms. 

Respect the planet 

We have a great respect for the whenua (land) and wai (water) at Basestation. We aim to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible. Therefore we ask you to be mindful when disposing of your rubbish, we have recycling bins and a worm food bin for biodegradable items in our kitchens. 

We encourage you to consider your carbon footprint when commuting to Basestaiton and offer safe and secure parking for those on bikes or scooters. We are close to a number of major bus routes being so centrally located. 

That said we do understand that sometimes with whānau commitments or other factors you may need to bring the car in.

Remember to reduce energy usage by turning off lights and air con/heat pumps when leaving a room.


Version 1.0 | April 2024 








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