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Parents of Basestation: Kōrero with John Baker from Architectus Featured

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With it being the school holidays at the moment, we thought now would be a good time to shine a spotlight on some of the parents who regularly use Basestation. We caught up with John Baker from Architectus for a kōrero on how he navigates mahi with two young tamariki at home.

We started by asking John…
Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do

John tells me he’s a registered architect and back in the day he worked for himself and owned his own business for a few years after returning from a working OE in Switzerland.

One of the first companies he worked for as a graduate before going overseas was Architectus. He stayed in touch with them and a few years ago they offered him a senior role and to help expand their presence in the Bay of Plenty. This was good timing as the whānau was growing and transferring from self employment and contracting to a full time role felt more secure and made sense.

Architectus is kiwi founded with offices in Aotearoa and Australia - John represents Tauranga with his team of one!

John also has two boys, the eldest is seven and the youngest is two, John describes them as being pretty boisterous.

How does coworking help you with your work and parenting?

John shared that there is a coworking space closer to his home which he had tried a few times, but it felt a little too quiet for him. He wanted a central location which was beneficial if he needed to meet customers or when colleagues came to visit. He enjoys the Basestation vibe and being surrounded by other like minded people, and similar professionals. John jokes that the reason he enjoys being surrounded by lots of people is that he grew up in a large family.

John feels there is a strong sense of community at Basestation which he enjoys being a part of. At the other coworking place he tried, he felt  it was just a place to work and to him, just didn’t have the same sense of community.

“Having a separation from work and home (especially with a young whānau) helps a lot.” John says, bumping into people at Basestation who are in the same boat and have a young whānau - adds to a sense of solidarity.

How do you  juggle parenting and work?

He answers “not very well” with a dry smile.
He continues “Both being a parent and work have demands, I don’t have time to deal with all the demands at the same time so you work out how to prioritise the most important stuff first.”
There are practical things like getting up early before everyone else, sorting out breakfast for the kids and getting his eldest ready for school which John helps out with in the morning before heading off to work.
John’s wife Alana is a full time mum, but even John admits, she has to deal with a lot with the two boys. Recently his eldest has been diagnosed with ADHD and autism, John tells me “He’s a super bright kid, but needs heaps of input. It’s a lot because you're constantly trying to occupy his very busy mind”.

Finally, we finished of by asking
What’s the whānau up to this school holiday?

Both his boys will be ‘helping out’ on Uma’s (grandma’s) farm.
The seven year old is also booked in on a four day Equine Assisted Learning Program that has come highly recommended by friends. The course is designed to help kids with social cues, creating impulse control, emotional regulations - so they are hoping it will be super beneficial for him. He will also be checking out Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory at The Village Cinema (There are $7 tickets for kids and adults during the school holidays).

Later on in the holidays the whānau will be heading up to Auckland to see John’s mum, and as he puts it “we will unleash the boys on her.”

Something else that John's kids also enjoy going to during the holidays is Bricks 4 kids. It’s assisted learning and playing with Lego, John tells me.

Thanks John for sharing a little of what it means to be a working parent and how Basestation has been able to support you!

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