Last Friday our awesome residents dressed in their most vibrant and crazy outfits to #getloud for Loud Shirt Day.

One of the highlights was our Best Dressed Competition.

Residents were given the opportunity to have their photo taken with creativity being very much encouraged! These photos were then posted on our Instagram story and our followers voted for "People's Choice Award". Our residents also got to vote for the "Best Dressed" Award.

Big congrats to our winners!! 😁

People's Choice (as voted on Instagram) was:
😎 ALVIN (Technologywise)
And 👒 LISA (Madison)
Overall Best Dressed (as voted by our residents) was: 👏 PAUL (Technology Wise) 👏

Our goal was, amidst the fun, to raise money for Loud Shirt Day's fundraising appeal to help children get access to cochlear implants and speech therapy.

Fantastic news, we raised....
$145.00 from Resident Donations. 

Matched by Basestation for a total of = $290.00

A big thank you to our awesome residents for showing up vibrantly and to you who joined the fun by voting! 😍🥰🕺💃

Was a great event and it was awesome to have so many of you join in the fun!
Till next year 🤙

#getloudnz #basestationlife

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