Despite a few less participants, Team Basestation equaled our efforts from last year (points wise) - awesome!  It was a massive effort we can be proud of.  And, we all had a bit of fun.

Final results are in (drum roll please!)

We dominated our category of "Other" in our size classification!  Note that Timberlands Limited was one of our hottest competitors last year.

We can be proud of a 5th place finished within our size classification in all of the Bay of Plenty! Once again, we were neck and neck with NZTA Tauranga.  Last year, we rallied at the last minute to pull ahead of them for the finish.  This year, they did the same to us.  Bring on next year.

Overall, we claimed 57th place for the national results in our size class.  To put it into perspective, the total participation in Aotearoa was 2401 teams, and hundreds of those would have been in our size class.  

Last, but definitely not least, we should recognize our own top scores within Basestation.  Congrats to Henning Ruf, Mike Riordan and Gordon Allan.

However, we would not have had this epic result we had without every person and every ride that contributed to our final score.

A big thank you to everyone who joined in the fun!