Today our residents dressed up in their brightest and most vibrant outfits in support of Loud Shirt Day 2021.
This amazing day helps fundraise for childern and adults with cochlear implants or hearing aids

We made a bit of a competition out of it to vote for who was best dressed.

Residents had the option to have their photo taken and have a bit of fun doing it.

Here are our contenders: (Left to right)

Top  - Elliot and Everton (technologyWise), Soraya (STEM Wana Trust)
Middle - Helen (Workbrdge), Isabel and Steven (Basestation)
Bottom - Ewa (STEM Wana Trust), Jackie (Rippled Ed) Jaimes (TechnologyWise)

Voting is now open. Stay tuned for the winner.

Please leave a comment below with your vote!!!

And the Winner is........

Well done everyone!!!!!
11 comment
  • Bevan Wait
    Bevan Wait
    Clear Cut Winner


  • Nicholas Hartley
    Nicholas Hartley
    My Vote - Isabel

    My Vote - Isabel And Elliot gets second place if there is one haha

  • Helen Rhodes
    Helen Rhodes
    My Vote

    Bright and Bold - Isabel!🤩

  • June Chong
    June Chong

    I'm going for Everton's creativity!

  • Ewa Saar
    Ewa Saar
    100% Isabel!

    No doubt about it ^^

  • Adam Reis
    Adam Reis
    Vote 🎨

    I'm going to go with brightest and most colourful and vote Isabel 😄

  • Heidi van der Watt
    Heidi van der Watt
    Loud shirt vote

    Loud shirt and shorts beat all, I'd say!

  • Michael Nguyen
    Michael Nguyen

    He got the right posture too!

  • Laura Wood
    Laura Wood
    Voting …

    It’s a toss up between Elliot and Isabel. And an honourable mention to Everton for creativity!

  • Isabel Thomson
    Isabel Thomson
    My Vote

    Defiantly Elliot - Look at that shirt

  • Andrew Mahon
    Andrew Mahon
    Loud Shirt Day 2021

    Isabel!!!!! well done everybody.

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