Meet the Venture Centre Team

Tell us a bit about your team and what you do:

We’re Venture Centre - an entrepreneurial support organisation dedicated to providing opportunities for individuals to grow. We believe that everyone has an entrepreneurial side to them and we’re here to nurture it through workshops, one-on-one mentoring sessions, Office Hours clinics and more. Our work ensures people and resources are connected and working together to develop new approaches, solutions and innovations. Basestation was one of our first projects and is pivotal in the community-building work that we do. 

What do you like about working at Basestation?

Pascale: I like working at Basestation because of all the great events and meeting spaces available. 

Emelie: I like working at Basestation because of the community, the friendships, and the fact that every day is different. It’s inspiring to know the people around you are working on their own businesses, startups, side hustles, and dreams.

Kendra: I also like working at Basestation because of the community. Having so many different people in one space doing their thing is super refreshing and inspiring.

Where are you most likely to be found hanging out at Basestation?

Pascale: At the bike rack!

Emelie: The community table or in the Berner’s Lee room hosting an event.

Kendra: Usually in the kitchen having a chat with people or in the Folk Coffee space waking up with one of their epic cold brews.

If you could add a floor to Basestation what would it be?

Pascale: A rooftop garden!

Emelie: A rooftop swimming pool.

Kendra: A food court or a creative space similar to Tinkd, but more so focused on having photography equipment/backdrops etc. I’d also love to see an idea generation space with lots of cool inspirational quotes on the walls, big whiteboards and comfortable brainstorming areas etc.

 What do you do in your free time?

Pascale: You can find me at the gym or swimming in the harbour, or scrolling pictures of tattoos for inspo on IG.

Emelie: In my free time, you can find me at the beach surfing, diving, swimming or reading my favorite book.

Kendra: I love exploring new places in Tauranga that I’ve never been to before (mostly cafes and restaurants as eating is a massive passion of mine). You’ll also find me at the beach attempting to channel my inner Kelly Slater, and spending time with my lovely friends. I also run my photography business so I am always out and about shooting different things around town.

 Let's end this with an interesting fact about you…

Pascale: I arrived in New Zealand 23 years ago with a 118kg suitcase and a one-way ticket and I’ve stayed ever since!

Emelie: I can speak three languages and I love learning about art history.

Kendra: I was once a Community Manager at BizDojo Parnell in Auckland before it changed hands. It was one of the best roles I’ve ever had, so I’m stoked to be back in the coworking space.