What a way to launch Basestation but to host the biggest ever (yet!) Tauranga Startup Weekend!

The paint was just dried. The water was finally running at the kitchen tap.  All the tech facilities were operational. Ready. It was a fine line, and we crossed it.

As a result, a massive sigh of relief was breathed collectively when 5pm came last Friday and the doors opened to welcome over ninety people into the new space.

Participants were ready to pitch, mentors ready to guide and organisers ready to prepare countless meals!

The open plan layout, the meeting rooms, the courtyard and lounge were immediately put to good use by all, each team gathering desks and chairs in a spot they were going to call theirs for the 54h effort.  

Over 150 devices connected to the wifi at any given time, the digital signage quickly displayed images of the event in real time, and the inevitable glitch had to be … the low tech battery in the PA system mic, letting the side down, for three or so minutes, until someone reached for a replacement!

A week on, the dust has settled, but not the excitement, and residents are taking in their new quarters. In her post event SunMedia interview, winning team Seespray co-founder Victoria Hodge describes “Basestation (as) incredible, modern and inspiring, catering to our team perfectly”.

A space for entrepreneurs surrounded by the tech and comms needed to make business ideas fly is our vision for Basestation. Looks like the weekend stress test brought in an extra round of customer validation.

Basestation with pics here
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