The Basestation project delivers more than a just a building...

The construction site turns out to be a mini-lab, allowing various ecosystems to intersect and interact, and providing fertile grounds for the incubation and observation of a collaborative experience!

Moving the 80s building from its tired pink hues and boxed-in office cubicles to an open, flexible, fit for purpose workspace requires the vision, energy and commitment of many.

Various trades are working together with the Basestation team to transform the place. This unlikely mixture has come with a warning, at times needing careful handling to avoid potential epic chemical reactions!

The experiment is revealing the combination of builders, electricians, plasterers, painters, glaziers... is diverse, organised and powered by a bias for action. All have been floating in, in ebbs and flows, day after day leaving behind tangible evidence of their activity.

Their eye for detail, ability to problem solve and think laterally are the very skills we are constantly on the lookout for in people working in IT and Communication.

Getting the job down together is boiling down to common shared values, effective execution, laced with a dose of good old collaboration and communication.  And we've come to the conclusion: our planets have aligned to shape the co-working world in Tauranga!

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