Have you considered what co-working can do for your business?

What does the ‘co’ in coworking mean to you? Constructive, Community, Collaborative, Conducive, Collective... all apply.

What does 'Co' working at Basestation in Tauranga mean? It means joining an interconnected group of people who are choosing to participate in working together, formally and informally in a custom-built space. They do, and will, work on projects which combine talents, skills and resources, as well as on independent work – in the seats next to each other. Sharing breaks between work stints, or shoulder tapping each other for a quick opinion-check or news update might be the only ‘co’ bit required!

Coworking is not just about the ‘working’ bit either: it is about being surrounded by intelligent, ambitious, talented and experienced people. It is a position the people who make up this community want to be in – all keen to grow and learn from each other.  It is also understanding and improving our own work in the context of a bigger picture.  And the best way in is participative: being social and taking part in that bigger picture.

The ‘co’ has been proven to be truly constructive too. Research from Deskmag, the authority on research about coworking spaces, found an overwhelming majority – 90% of coworkers - said they received a self-confidence boost from working in their coworking space.

It not only makes sense when you compare working alone with being a part of a mutually-supportive, interconnected community, it also has a direct benefit to you and your business.

So why are you still working from home, coffee shops or that dingy little office with a view on next door’s recycling skip?

Could it be that you think the relationships you build and network you nurture are not important or ‘networking' is something just done in the evening?

Do you think combining unexpected encounters into your work day – opportunities for serendipity to happen randomly – sounds distracting and “not a productive use of your time”?

Do you think you have the answers and no-one knows better than you how ‘it’ ‘should’ work and how ‘it’ ‘should’ be done, whatever ‘it’ is?

If you answered yes, we wish you the best of British!

Everyone else… feel free to come and checkout Tauranga’s first truly digitally-enabled collaboration space. Designed specifically by, for and around our community to cowork in. Any one who works in or with Communication and Technology – which is almost everyone – is welcome.  We look forward to connecting with you.