Making a shared office space the centre of your work-life is a strategic decision which can add multiple benefits to your business. Simple sharing of space and resources like power, internet access and meeting rooms can save you money and avoid the pain of organising suppliers or splitting your expenses (if you’re working from home).

Greater benefits are those which help you grow your business. Some shared space operates in a similar vein to a 'startup campus', providing entrepreneurs, contractors, freelancers and remote workers with eager minds with more than power and WiFi – access to angel investors, incubation funding, services, learning events, programmes, resources and more.

If the shared offices incorporate a mix of serial entrepreneurs, established companies and professionals who are of the mindset to act like mentors and are open to sharing their experiences, a fertile breeding ground for collaboration – ideas, knowledge and skill transfer – comes alive. All of which representing a massive opportunity which no growth-minded individual passes up!

To get the most from the opportunity and grab a spot in this kind of shared space office, you’ll likely be living and breathing the new entrepreneurial spirit that is sweeping through Tauranga, the Bay of Plenty, and the central north island – in fact across New Zealand,  and therefore you’ll know that timing your strategic move into these spaces is key to get the best of them.

Being in at the inception of shared offices puts you in the position to make a mark while attention is drawn to its launch. More importantly it gives you the head-start on building relationships – the life-blood of any business, large or small.

Startup companies and those who support them – freelance designers, developers, hackers, PR and marketing professionals, writers, students, lawyers – telecommuters and remote workers, innovation agents for larger companies and all-around brilliant, awesome people are attracted to these spaces. If you are ready to grow yourself, and your business, it is a good strategy to put yourself amongst them.

Basestation, Tauranga’s biggest shared space is a collaboration between a group of local Communication and Technology people that ticks all the boxes to make your strategic decision easy. Serial entrepreneurs, established companies and professionals with mentoring, sharing mindsets; learning events, programmes and lively, talented supporting professionals – plus super fast broadband, one-price fully-managed resources and both indoor and outdoor shared spaces to work, meet and share.

Contact us or secure your spot today at our custom designed modern office space solution in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.