Come December 8th, Hour of Code is taking the world by storm. More than 50 000 Hour of Code events will be held around the world this year.

Hour of Code is a 60 min programming taster session open to all aged 5+

During the event, wannabe coders follow a hour long tutorial, solve puzzles together and have good fun.

More than 100 Hour of Code events will be held over the period in New Zealand itself,  and Tauranga will have its own, right here at Basestation, on Wednesday 10th 2014, from 5:30

Hour of Code is supported nationally by the Institute of IT Professionals. IITP invited Mona Akmal, computer code evangelist extraordinaire, as a speaker at the ITx conference in October. Mona delivered a passionate, engaging keynote and got all delegates excited at the prospect of getting people of all ages, together, over a short period of time, hands on with coding. IITP members are signing up in droves to help and share tips and tricks with participants at the event in Tauranga.

With Basestation fit for purpose to plug and play online, Venture Centre IT collective, headquartered at Basestation, is partnering with IITP in supporting the ground swell and has volunteered to organise Hour of Code locally.

Join in! Register yourself, family and friends now at

P.S Keen to help/share your love for coding? Sign up as a helper.

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