Modern Office Space in Tauranga

"I’m in town today, can we meet at your office?"

For many consultants, freelancers and contractors, receiving this kind of request starts a chain reaction of hectic, stressful, time-consuming activities. If you are working from home, the rush to clean-up, making sure the kids and pets are taken care of and won’t disturb at the appointed time, means you take your eye off your all-important work and the value you add to your customer's business.

So, should you be concerned about making a professional impression on your customer with your office space? The answer is undoubtedly yes. In his ‘office clutter’ article on the highly regarded American business magazine Forbes, organization guru Peter Walsh stresses  “If you have a cluttered office, you risk being seen as inefficient or not on top of your work,” In addition he says  “[Disorganization] suggests a degree of incompetence that clouds your abilities.”. Clearly not the impression any independent professional wants to create!

What is even more compelling is the cost of an unprofessional office space, in addition to the incalculable cost of losing credibility with your customer. Office supply manufacturer Esselte did a study in 2004, which found about six weeks each year is lost searching for lost or misplaced items. How many consultants, freelancers and contractors can afford losing six weeks billable time?

One final point to consider before you decide to ignore the research and agree to that meeting with your customer – does the style, quality and position of your office match the style, quality and position of your business? If you are selling any service or product providing smart technology or customer-centric communication solutions, does it make sense for your customer to come and meet you at your country retreat full of shabby-chic furniture? Or in that cheap dingy room in the corner of an old building looking out onto a back alley?

So what solutions are available to this problem?

Where can you find a flexible, attractive, professional, office space to let that doesn’t require you to make a huge capital outlay, or sign on the dots for a two or three-year lease? Offices which signal a position for your business to add to its credibility and speak to its connected, informed, well-resourced capabilities to answer your customers needs? A spot in town that is close to parking, provides managed services and consistent plug & play technology?

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