If you look through the Bay of Plenty Times editions circa 1990s, you’ll find the title "Serviced Office space for rent” appear relatively often in the commercial rental section. It was a well used title for real-estate agents and building managers.

When talking to the wonderful gentlemen, Matt Gibbard from BayleysPhilip Hunt from Ray White, and Duncan Woodhouse from Colliers who are working with us, we’ve used “serviced offices” or “managed office” ourselves to describe Basestation to them.

But what does the term “Serviced Offices” mean as applied to our modern space? What is our definition to provide a managed office space for rent? – because we know it is far more than just a space that gets regularly cleaned!

Basestation provides and cares for all the amenities an enterprise owner, entrepreneur, remote worker, consultant or freelancer working with, or in Communications and Technology needs. From desk and chair, to kitchen and showers, so you can refresh after a lunchtime work out. And you count on the fact that there will always be toilet rolls and teabags!

But ‘Serviced’ (or ‘Managed') to the team designing Basestation means so much more.

The ultra-fast broadband, LCD displays, projectors, ability to get your VOIP set up, rack space, and even the loan, hire or purchase of new tech equipment from suppliers in the building are all part of the offering. Add to that 24-hour access and facilities such as mail handling and a smiling face at the front desk, a barista in the front lounge and even talk of a regular yoga sessions in the courtyard! Now that’s what we call “serviced”!

But ‘Serviced’ to the team designing Basestation means even more that that. Seriously!

There is the broader definition of service the co-founders aim to encourage in the space.

Their belief that service to each other and the wider community is a driver for everything they do, means that whether the people who join the Basestation community are launching, maintaining or growing an enterprise, they’ll find Basestation is a place where they really can get everything they need to start, or take the next leg of their enterprising journey.

It is the space where they’ll connect with people on a similar path, assemble the right team, get kitted out with the right equipment, and learn the right languages (python, ruby, French or German!) to help make their venture a success. Its founders and foundation residents provide hands on services, develop their own products and others for their clients and share skills, knowledge and technology, host training programmes and workshops on the most relevant tools and skills needed for a venture to succeed.

Basestation is an office, shared between many, there is no doubt. But its “service” is second to none!

Welcome to Basestation! Click here to find out more, or here to secure your spot today at our custom designed modern office space solution in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.