...the kitchen is designed, the air con fitted and the lights are up and glowing… The ply features are taking shape and the painter has confirmed colours. The desks and benches are ready. The old stucco shell is gone and large openings are created to make way for floor to ceiling windows.

The current focus has zoomed in on ensuring a practical, flexible and modern space is built, providing useful facilities and a convenient location to do business from. Deadlines, meetings with trades people, measuring tapes, comparing products, coordinating efforts and resources… are all part of the daily fun at Basestation!

Yet there is no losing sight that the design of the space is not so important: what truly matters are the people who choose to work at Basestation.

Then comes the weekend and a little reflection time, and with it the opportunity to zoom out to the bigger picture, the vision for the place.

When building a community a starting point is … looking for members. It means going out, meeting people, taking them around the site and sharing that big picture! It is an exciting time for all involved to pass on their enthusiasm and communicate about the benefits of sharing work space. So far many people, startup founders, creatives, IT professionals… have come on site, taken in the space, studied the floor plan, chatted about their ideas and their professional journey. They are looking forward to the opening in October. They project themselves as Basestation residents in the not so distant future, either to get out of the garage or the spare room to surround themselves with quality facilites, to secure a professional setting to base their activity in Tauranga, rather than moving to their business headquarters in another city or to surround themselves with like minded people.

Every minute spent with a visitor is validating the vision for Basestation, a place to provide the facilities and connections entrepreneurial people in business need to thrive. The building blocks are laid, it is coming together.

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