Supporting Tauranga Startup Weekend by providing a fit-for-purpose venue for the 54 hour stint is exactly the type of community event Steven Vincent and Michael Doerner, the complex’s investors, are creating the space to host.

Michael and Steven, who established their IT business Technologywise over 12 years ago, are well aware that today tech startups maybe a long time before putting their names on a building. They are developing Basestation with the aim to make the road to success a little less lonely for talented and innovative local entrepreneurs. They know sharing workspace in a dedicated complex puts entrepreneurs in close proximity and enables them to create the dense networks of professionals with complementary talents they need to succeed.

Basestation’s facilities will be tested out on a large scale on November 7-9 2014. Eighty Startup Weekend entrepreneurs will form teams, focus on customer development, validate their ideas, build prototypes, supported by experienced mentors, and aim to demo their products to a panel of experts to win valuable business start-up prizes. Basestation's open plan, flexible space is setting the right scene for the creativity, innovation and collaboration inherent to the event.

The participating entrepreneurs will experience first hand the benefits of setting up camp in a shared workspace, getting mentors’ advice in dedicated meeting spaces, blasting the wireless superfast fibre internet to test their solutions in the making, sharing processes via the projectors, keeping informed via LCD screens, fuelling in the communal kitchen or interacting on the patio or in the lounge.

Michael and Steven’s vision to create a place where collective resources and talents are shared and where vision, drive and the appetite for risk are sustained is set to become reality for many, come November 7th 2014.

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