60 plus people came and did their first Hour of Code last night at Basestation.

William Clelland, second year student at Avonmore Tertiary Institute, shares his list of top sites to get participants to take their newly found love of coding to the next level now the Hour of Code has gone.
Give users the ability to either join someone else’s game with other online players or to create your own game and upload it for others to play and join in. When making your game your can easily make basic objects and basic features, you can also download and add creations from other players/developers into your own game.
You also can program parts in your game to do anything that you want using LUA.

Need to install the application - Free

Scratch allows users to create their own game in a very simple and friendly way. Users can click and drag components of code to create a basic or complicated game

Can run on the website without downloading anything - Free

Web application that allows you to program in python online without installing any Python IDE. - Free

The mod ‘TurtleCraft’ allows players to craft a turtle.

A turtle is a device that can move around and perform tasks like mining or crafting.
Players can either run the build in scripts or they can code their own in LUA, players can make their turtle do anything from digging a hole to running a farm. There is also the possibility to create games or graphical programs with these turtles, you can also use turtle wifi to send messages to other turtles.

Minecraft Costs ~ $35, Computer-craft - Free.

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  • Quentin Pidduck
    Quentin Pidduck
    Four top sites to keep on coding!

    Congrats on Basestation's hosting of Tauranga's first Hour of Code! Went down really well with participants and great to see our tech hub making a mark.

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