"I am Guy, and I am the NZ General Manager for a technology company called Cohort Solutions. We focus on the International Education sector, with our core product being an international payments facility for students, agents and educators.  

Prior to moving to Tauranga in March 2016, I had set-up our business at the BizDojo in Wellington, during which time I got to experience the intrigue and enjoyment of a co-working space.

When my wife and I decided to moved to Tauranga, one of my initial thoughts were "I hope there's a co-working space". After searching online I found the Basestation website and arranged to meet one of the owners on one of my visits to Tauranga.

I was immediately impressed with the professionalism of the fit-out and how well presented the space was. I was pleased to see there were options as to how one could occupy the space (your own desk, flexible desk or office options): I decided for the "your own desk" option.  I am a fairly sociable person and enjoy working in the open plan office space, as it provides an opportunity to easily have a chat with fellow residents. so it was an easy decision to make.

There are multiple benefits to working in a shared space rather than working from home or your own small office space:

- you get the opportunity to work with fellow professionals which helps keep you focussed on your own tasks. T

- there are opportunities to collaborate and network with your fellow residents.

- most importantly for me, you share the space with like minded people who are always keen for a chat and a laugh around the kitchen table.  

The facilities are top class, with great internet, comfortable furnishings, a well stocked kitchen and a lovely outside space to enjoy your lunch. The coffee available from Hans at Folk cafe in the reception is truly exceptional :-)

I would highly recommend the Basestation to any professional or small business. Not only does it reduce your risk around having your own lease, and the hassle of having your own utilities, it opens up yourself and your business to a huge range of possibilities"

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Desk, one-person offices, small team and large team spaces available