When Chris first found work and moved to Tauranga from the US with my partner Jess 2 years ago, he didn't know a single person!

"I had just received and taken a job offer from the startup I'm currently working for, Finger-Ink, and was the only employee. Without a team of people to work with, Basestation provided the much-needed social aspect to my working life.

Between dropping by the in-house cafe (Folk) or doing the kitchen dance during lunch, you're bound to spark up a conversation with someone and make a new friend or two. Better yet, potluck BBQ's throughout summer make the work-week a breeze.

Even with the great social atmosphere though, there's still plenty of opportunity to find quiet time and get some work done (this is a co-working space, after all ;-) ).

Finger-Ink uses one of the private offices, which gives me all the quiet time I would ever need. I often step out to the standing desk in the open plan zone too, which I really enjoy doing as a way to stretch my legs while still getting my work done.

Once a week, my colleague will come in and join me for a day's work. With the private office, this gives us the flexibility to have room for two when needed, but still be a great option when it's just myself.

As such a small, early-stage company, Basestation has been the perfect place for us to base Finger-Ink out of. That said, it also provides the flexibility for us to grow as we have every intention of doing :)"

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Desk, one-person offices, small team and large team spaces available from mid-August 2017