As a technology incubator, we felt it was hugely important for WNT Ventures to be based in a professional hub of innovative, collaborative, like-minded people and businesses.

Basestation offered all of this and more to our company. We joined the Basestation community in late February 2015 as a small team of 3 and started out with 2 desks in the shared community space alongside a small office for our CEO. 

Shortly after employing our 4th team member we all moved into one large office space together which is where we are still located.  

Basestation life suits us well! 

We regularly utilise the large events room for board meetings and national or international skype calls using the projectors and LCD screens, the small meeting room is also set up with similar interactive technology. 

Booking meeting rooms is hassle free with the on-line booking system and we need to note our appreciation of the high speed fibre internet provided. 

The only issue we have had from time to time is the lack of availability of meeting rooms when we need them and finding space to have a private phone call when required•.  

Folk espresso bar in the foyer is a welcome (though worryingly dangerous as the coffee is so good!) spot for a caffeine hit, the kitchen has everything we need (although a new toasted sandwich press wouldn’t go astray**!) and is a great social gathering spot, not just at lunchtime. 

The outside courtyard is a sun trap and fantastic place to soak up some vitamin D – the BBQ is utilised regularly over the summer months in particular with “Basestation BBQ’s” a fairly regular event for those who wish to participate. 

Still waiting for some funky vertical ‘wall gardens’*** filled with salad greens and herbs to complement the outdoor space but maybe we’ll let that slide until spring arrives!

Basestation is replete with an assortment of unique, talented, entrepreneur focused individuals and businesses.  I would encourage you to come and have a look at the space, have a chat with some of the residents - just like we did back in February 2015 … you never know, your business may just find its new basestation!

* Too right Lisa, we've noticed too, that's why 4 new meeting rooms, with similar equipment, will become available come August 2017 as Basestation expanding upstairs

** Yep, Basestation residents love their toasties and the existing press is going to be a thing of the past: the new one is in the post, promise!

*** Um, no ETA for completion yet, but all residents' input in the design is welcome, gardening residents included!

Basestation has desks, one-person offices, small team and large team spaces available and Venture Centre, its operator, delivers entrepreneurial programmes, services and events for residents and the community at large.

Drop in at 148 Durham Street or tell us at time that suits for a chat here