1:: You can talk to us about what you can afford as there are many options to take residence at Basestation, there is a right fit on almost any budget. While we agree it does cost more than free WiFi in a café, it’s nonetheless affordable way sooner than a long-term office lease.

2:: You can grow your space as you grow your company.
We understand nothing is static for a startup and Basestation is designed to be flexible and accommodate your growth.

3:: There’s plenty of stuff you don’t even know you need.
Venture Centre, the Basestation operator, is very familiar with the needs of startups and there is a variety of services that can help your business grow on offer. These range from support programmes and events and essential connections to mundane things like help with legal aspects of your startup and accounting. Even if you think that does not help, you can always ask your neighbour for advice!

4:: Network. Basestation residents span across varied demographic and expertise, the ecosystem of people, companies and industries is actually incredibly diverse. Tech, UX, web or good old solid business know how, you never know who you’ll meet and how you might be able to collaborate.

5:: Surround yourself with positive energy. At Basestation no-one underestimates how psychologically hard startup life can be: we live the startup life and there are time we doubt ourselves, and our mission and many nights when we, just like you, are working late. A great cure for the startup blues is to surround yourself with smart, focussed people. Whatever challenges you’re facing, someone else has probably already faced (and conquered) them and it’s great to have a constant reminder of that.

Basestation has desks, one-person offices, small team and large team spaces available and Venture Centre, its operator, delivers entrepreneurial programmes, services and events for residents and the community at large.

Drop in at 148 Durham Street or tell us at time that suits for a chat here

 (*adapted from 5 reasons a coworking space makes sense for startups)