Ever done the math on how many hours a year you spend at work? For the average 40-hour-week, full-time worker, that’s almost 2000 hours. Two thousand hours. 

For many, that time is spent in an office, or at a desk. So we’re interested to know – what do you look for in a workspace?

Maybe you can work anywhere there’s a table, or maybe you need your space to be just right: clean, well-lit, quiet. You’re not alone. These days, it’s actually something of an art form – there are numerous studies on the relationship between business performance and workplace design. 

While we can’t all be this office, here are 5 key things to look out for:


Gone are the days of traditional layouts – no more cubicles, no more hierarchy or working your way up to the corner office. The modern office space is about open floor plans and adaptable environments. It doesn’t have barriers, but it still offers privacy; it’s flexible and allows for movement.

Wall colour

That’s right, wall colour. There’s a psychology behind colour and how it can boost (or hinder) productivity. Think about how lighter colours will give you a sense of calm, for example. There’s more: darker colours are less inviting. Cooler colours (greens, blues) are relaxing, while warmer colours (yellows, oranges, reds) are creative. 


It goes without saying – you’re in an office space, so you’re going to need a desk and a chair. How big a desk you need depends on how much space you need to do your job (if you’re on a computer all day you might not need as much space as someone who, say, has to do lots of shipping or paperwork).

If you are on a computer all day though, you’re going to need a great chair. Sitting properly will not only keep you focused and productive, it will keep you healthy, too!


Having sorted out your desk, you need to factor in other equipment: you might need paper, files, computer equipment, office supplies, books for reference. Do you have a place to put it all? When checking out a potential office space, make sure you know how you’re going to store things. 


Ever been in an office building and felt trapped? Artificial lighting can do that, which is why the modern office space makes the most of natural light. It’s a pretty easy fix though – look for a workspace with lots of windows!

The good news? We’ve thought about these things already and now we've got a great spaces designed to meet every need – check it out!

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