Admit it: you’ve cast a judgemental eye over a colleague’s desk before (never mind what your own looked like). You’re not alone – most people have.

While some will tell you clutter is bad for productivity, studies have shown an untidy desk isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But whether messy or tidy, the state of your office space is a reflection of your personality and your work style.

Marketo created this great infographic of desk styles , but we reckon it goes a bit more like this:

The Less is More Desk

The inhabitor of the Less is More desk is organised – their desk will have only what they need at that particular moment. The person at this desk keeps clutter to an absolute minimum, and files things away fastidiously throughout the day.  Think Monica on Friends – this person might have a touch of OCD, but they always know where everything is. 

The Interior Design Enthusiast’s Desk

Minimalism is key for this desk holder, too, but with a little bit of flare. It’s characterised by mostly neutral spaces, but with creative touches here and there: a framed print, a small potted plant, a stylish pen holder. All tied together by a theme, of course. This person knows about trends, and it extends to every area of their life – fashion, food, music. 

The More is More Desk

The proprietor of the More is More Desk is the polar opposite of the Less is More Desk.  They’re actually a pretty handy resource. Paperclips, stapler, three pairs of scissors, pens in every colour. They never know what they’re going to need – or when – so the ‘more is more’ desk is ready. Always.

The Scrapbooker’s Desk

This desk is tribute to the life its owner has outside of work. It’s a scrapbook of photos, drawings done by kids, cards, certificates. The great thing is, the person with this desk will take a great interest in your personal life, too, and will probably be the one organising your birthday morning tea.

The Desk of Controlled Chaos

It’s never left untidy, but during the working day this desk might be littered with any number of things. They’re not necessarily messy, but the person at this desk will spread everything out – their coffee cup placed where they can’t knock it over, paper handy to their computer for furiously scribbled notes. It’s controlled chaos – until they take a break, when they will reset their space. They’re the laid-back member of the office – it’s pretty unlikely you’ll find them stressing over deadlines.

The Could-Be-An-IT-Guy’s Desk

Alternatively known as the ‘It’s an Apple World, I Just Live In It’ desk, this person  loves technology. They’ll upgrade their iPhone each time a new one is released, have an app for everything, and show over the-top exasperation when the wifi drops out. Because they take such a personal interest in technology, they’re a great go-to when you can’t connect the printer on your laptop!

So which are you?

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