As many of you know, Basestation is Venture Centre’s co-working space, where various entrepreneurs and professionals share working space and ideas. We are firm believers in the important part co-working spaces play in building an ecosystem to support entrepreneurs in our community. Part of this kaupapa means we also regularly host events and meetings in our space, too.

Recently we held two co-hosted Powering On workshops in our space. But we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves, because we know you’re thinking - what is Powering On? It’s an initiative that means digital providers can book to run a workshop and the Venture Centre team take care of all the set-up and ticketing, creating a really simple way for our community’s experts to connect with those who need their services and knowledge.

So, back to those workshops – they were run by the lovely women behind Ace the Gram, a local company specialising in building a dedicated Instagram following for your business (or personal brand) so you can make the most of the opportunities for business growth, sales and traffic that come from that following, along with the close relationships you can build with your community/target market.

Ace the Gram held two workshops - Instagram branding for business and Instagram branding for personal branding. Co-founder of Ace the Gram, Viv says their workshops were a great success. “The Powering On workshops at Basestation were awesome! We had great feedback from participants,” she says.

“We would ABSOLUTELY recommend anyone wanting to hold workshops and share their knowledge work with the Venture Centre team. Tash and I are big believers in playing to our strengths, so handing off the organisation of the workshops worked so great for us!”

She also said the ticketing went really well and people found the Powering On website/booking system easy to use.

If you’d like to co-host a Powering On workshop, click here.


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