Here at Basestation we’re all about having options, in how we work and how we travel, and our resident coworkers feel the same. In the hopes of inspiring you to consider other ways of travelling, we interviewed Holly Meredith who doesn’t travel by car to Basestation.

Holly Meredith is a UX designer and long-time Basestation resident. She walks to work morning and night from Otumoetai.

“It generally takes me around 40 minutes…. but I’m pretty leisurely, generally chatting to my mum or sister or listening to music. There’s not a lot of high-paced power walking going on!”

Holly is expecting her first child in April and says she walks to keep active. “I generally want to get to about 10,000 steps a day. Now that I’m pregnant, I am determined to keep it up to maintain overall health and fitness,” she says.  “Also we only have one car and my partner heads to work very early in the morning and leaves early in the afternoon so it saves him time (and petrol) by not coming to pick me up.”

She says walking to and from the office has other benefits as well. “It gives me down time to try and decompress after a day of work, plus the opportunity to call/catch up with people on the phone. I love walking and talking!”

Holly’s story is the first one of a series as we are keen to know how our residents come to work at Basestation so that we can support their choice and help them stick with means of transport that don’t clog our roads and streets.

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