Following on our Part 1, here is how another Basestation resident avoids traffic. If you two prefer two wheels instead of four, meet Laura!

Laura Falconer, who like Holly has embraced alternative transport, is an investment manager who’s just moved to the Bay. She previously lived in Silicon Valley in Australia, but has started a new habit of cycling since moving here.

“I cycle 6km each way from Matua, riding along the gorgeous waterfront with Mount views most of the way,” Laura says.

“We had three vehicles in Melbourne, but chose to purchase one vehicle for the family when we moved to New Zealand. I opted for the commute time to double as fitness and time to myself - I have two toddlers at home, so finding alone time or time to exercise is otherwise more challenging.”

Laura says you don’t have to be an expert to find an alternative means of getting to work. Just make a decision and stick to it.

Laura’s story is another one of a series as we are keen to know how our residents come to work at Basestation so that we can support their choice and help them stick with means of transport that don’t clog our roads and streets. One first challenge for us to address is finding space to secure their bikes for those cycling.

“I am not a super-confident rider or overly fit. But this suits me well and I plan to keep at it!”

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