Here at Basestation we are transport savvy. Like  Holly and Laura, fellow Basestation resident Chris, has embraced an alternative mode of transport. 

Chris Hetem, an App Developer for Finger-Ink, commutes everyday on the Bayhopper bus from Mount Maunganui to the Tauranga CBD.

There is more than one reason why Chris chooses to bus to work. The main reason is that him and his partner only have one car. “By me busing to work, it allows her use of the car throughout the day.” 

Nobody enjoys being stuck in traffic. One of the perks that Chris experiences when busing is that he avoids the cues, often getting to and from work in a third of the time compared to the rare occasions that he drives or gets dropped off.

“It feels good flying down the bus lane while everyone else is bumper-to-bumper at a standstill.”

Working in the CBD means that Chris doesn’t need a car throughout the day, “Because of where Basestation is situated, everything I need throughout the day is within walking distance anyway so there’s no real point in me having the car parked somewhere in town.”

Chris enjoys making the most of his commute by listening to podcasts, “Between the ride to work and back and a little bit of walking, I usually get through a full-length episode a day.” The podcasts are usually inspirational or educational with the occasional surfing one in for good measure. “Some of my favourites are RadioLab, How I Built This, Tony Robbins, Reply All, and Surf Simply”.


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