Hans Kraenzlin did not think twice when he first walked into Basestation. It was the perfect place for him to do what he loves best, serving awesome coffee to people who cared for their brew!

Ahead of sampling a delish food selection with one of his [gonna be infamous] coffees, I caught up with Hans to ask him a couple of questions:

  • Why did you choose the name 'Folk'?

The idea for the naming of 'Folk' came out of a combination of things. The word itself gives a picture of people working together to create.

  • What can you tell us about you?

I'm a musician and I love being around coffee. I love that, though it's a humble shrub of a plant, it creates a connecting place for so many people. Especially creative people.

  • Why did you choose Basestation to launch Folk?

I like to be around people who dream of doing something new and pushing the boundaries of what we know. It fits perfectly into Basestation because of this. Creative, innovative minds in a shared working space.

Folk will be open in the next week or so. In the meantime, come meet Hans for a 'sampling' of Folk coffee and food at 10.30am, Tuesday, 148 Durham Street.