☕️ Folk Espresso Bar is opening Monday 7th September.

It feels like it has been a long time coming since we had our sampling session last week.

Hans is using Fair Trade Organic Blends of coffee from local roastery Excelso that has been roasting coffee in Tauranga for almost 20 years. From time to time, Folk Espresso bar will also showcase some of Excelso’s single origins.

The non-coffee drinker can enjoy their favourite hot drink too, and they can have it at Basestation or take it away with or without delicious food.

Hans is serving fresh croissants, chia and fruit toast, a gluten free pear and white chocolate tart, and filled crusty baguettes for lunch. All Folk Espresso Bar pastries are made by excellent local bakers.

One thing we residents like a lot is that we can have a ‘prepay’ coffee card - Ask Hans about it!

Folk Espresso Bar
opening hours are:

Monday to Friday
148 Durham Street

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