The Aotearoa Bike Challenge is a fun, free competition that’s all about seeing which workplaces can get the most people to ride a bike for just 10 minutes or more.

Just under 2000 New Zealand organisations consisting of 22,000 riders participated in this year’s challenge. The amount of kilometres logged over the month of February was 3,769,502!

Headed up by “Challenge Champions”, Kurt Cordice and Sarah Finlayson a group of 17 Basestation residents signed up for the challenge (pictured below).

When asked why he chose to participate in the challenge, Ashley Hedges, the top scoring rider for Basestation, explained, “I thought it would be a good motivation to cycle more.” Sarah Finlayson, who wanted to start riding to work instead of using the bus said, “I wanted to encourage others to do so too and hoped the increased profile would lead to improved infrastructure for cyclists.”

The results for the Basestation team were as follows:

  • 2,434km cycled
  • ‘Other’ Industry Position - Bay of Plenty - 2nd Place
  • ‘Other’ Industry Position - New Zealand - 7th Place
  • 13th in the Bay of Plenty overall
  • 82nd in NZ

The experience was enjoyable for participants, who commented that there was the sense of community within the group of riders.

Both Ashley and Sarah agreed that the challenge solidified their preference for cycling over the bus with Ashley enjoying the fast trips home and “avoiding being stuck in traffic”. Interestingly for Sarah it was learning from other cyclists that there is a real interest and demand for improved cycling provision - i.e. safer roads, more cycle paths, more bike rack etc.

Big congratulations to the 17 riders that participated in The Aotearoa Bike Challenge this year!


Pictured (left to right): Kurt Cordice, Matt Watkins, Ashley Hedges, Dallas Bates, Jaimes Booth, Zak Meyes, Beatrice Perion, Sarah Finlayson and Qionne Algra.

Participants not pictured: Pascale Hyboud-Peron, Leonie Neuweger, Kent Evans, Andy Sutton, Michael Doerner, Michael Ware, Hans Kraenzin and Alvin Gounder.